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The Impact of Rug Shapes on Your Room

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Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to refresh your room’s look and feel? Rugs are a great choice, and they offer flexibility as they can be moved around the house to create a different vibe. However, selecting the right rug can be daunting, with several factors to consider such as shape, size, colour, material, and pattern. At Dream Flooring, we suggest thinking about how you want the room to feel and then selecting a rug that fits the bill. For instance, if you want the room to feel warm, consider adding texture, while a pop of colour can add vibrancy, and a textured and neutral rug can create a relaxed feel.

One crucial factor to consider when selecting a rug is the shape as it plays a significant role in the overall scheme of the space. 

Here are four common rug shapes and how they can impact your room.

Rectangular Rugs

Rectangular rugs are the most common style, and they can tie your room together. In a living space, they can anchor the main items of furniture, with the sofa or armchair’s front feet resting on the rug. The rug should be larger than the largest item of furniture, which is typically the sofa. In the bedroom, you can place a rectangular rug at the foot of the bed, and it should be longer than the bed’s width.

At Dream Flooring, we have a wide range of rectangular rugs to fit different styles. Whether you are looking for bohemian, modern, shag, or natural rugs, we have them categorised on our website for your convenience.

Round Rugs

Round rugs are versatile and can fit into several spaces in your home. They work well in entryways, small or unusual-shaped rooms, and under round dining tables. In an entryway, the round shape creates movement and interest while minimising damage to the floor where there’s a lot of foot traffic.

In small or unusual-shaped rooms such as a sitting nook, a round rug can bring all the elements together cohesively. For instance, you can place two armchairs and a side table on a round rug, with the feet resting on the rug. Round rugs are also great in play areas, and that’s why we often have kids’ rugs in a round shape. They add a playful element to the design.

Oval Rugs

Oval rugs are gaining popularity, especially beautiful natural and jute rugs. They work well in spaces where you would typically place a rectangular rug, but they offer a point of difference. Oval rugs bring a softness, with no angles or sharp corners. They also offer flexibility in how you can arrange your furniture on or around the rug.

Runner Rugs

Although runner rugs work well in hallways, they are versatile and can work in several areas of your home. They are practical in protecting high-traffic areas and often come in highly patterned and colourful designs. At Dream Flooring, we have several runner rug designs to fit your taste, and you can even read more about where they work best in your home on our blog.

Selecting the right rug shape can have a significant impact on your room’s overall design. At Dream Flooring, we have several rug shapes and styles to fit different preferences and tastes. Whether you are looking for a rectangular, round, oval, or runner rug, we have you covered.